Lightology Lookbook

Branding, Art Direction, and Print Design

Over the course of several years, I have been working with Lightology, one of the world’s premier lighting showrooms, on behalf of the Make & Co. team. Working together to expand their brand language, this process included developing branded photography to create a look that is cohesive for the several brands that Lightology carries. Through color and texture we created a unique look for this year's photography and Lookbook.


2020 - present


Cover Design


Identity System
Creative Direction
Art Direction
Print Design


Make + Co., art direction
Ryan Segedi, photography
Sage Reed, styling
One Tree Forest, production
Active, printing

Inside Spreads


Additionally, I worked to develop and enhance Lightology's brand guides to create a robust system that allowed for us to build out this Lookbook and additional brand applications — through color, typography, and layout.


Marketing Emails
Social Animations
Print Ads
Online Sales Banners


Marketing Emails

Print Ads

Online Sales Banners



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